A brief history of the Poissonnerie du Marché

Poissonnerie du Marché is proud to serve its customers with the freshest seafood for the past 50 years.

At its opening in 1965, the Poissonnerie was specialized in the sale of lobsters. It was also the first to ship live lobsters to Europe, thanks to a saltwater transport method created by its founder.

Over time, the company established and maintained excellent relationships with its original suppliers, which ensures a consistent quality of its products. Also, it relies on its team of outstanding individuals whose experience, knowledge and skills have greatly contributed in building the company’s excellent reputation.

Established for several years at 440 Market, the Poissonnerie opened a second branch in 2014 ... and is anchored permanently at the Marché Public de Longueuil.

Top quality fish and seafood, exceptional customer service, welcoming atmosphere and accessible... Come and savor the sea in its freshest form!


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