Dragon Eye Roll

Dragon Eye Roll



Preparation time : 30 minutes

Total time :  35 minutes

Portions : 2

Level of difficulty :  Easy


2 nori sheets (dried seaweed sheets)

50 g salmon

50 g white fish of your choice

Small carrot, finely shredded

Green onion, white part only

Flying fish roe (Tobiko)

Sushi rice



Egg yoke


1. Cut green onion the same width as the nori sheet.

2. Fill half the nori sheet with sushi rice.

3. Add finely shredded carrot, green onion and fish roe.

4. Roll the maki in a bamboo mat.

5. Spread fish flat on another nori sheet.

6. Roll this maki on the other roll.

7. Mix egg yolk and water with flour. Beat until smooth.

8. Cover the maki (roll) with this paste and roll in the panko.

9. Fry roll for 1 minute.

10. Cut and serve!