Oysters Florentine

Oysters Florentine



Preparation time : 60 minutes

Total time : 65 minutes – The longest part of the recipe involves shucking the oysters.

Servings : 2 to 4

Difficulty level : Easy


16 to 18 oysters

½ tbsp. butter

1 tsp. pressed garlic

4 cups spinach, preferably baby spinach

2 tbsp. breadcrumbs

Quality olive oil

1 tbsp. shredded parmesan

Zest of fresh lemon

Salt to taste


1. Preheat oven to 450 ºF.

2. In a large non-stick frying pan, melt butter on low heat.

3. Add garlic and let simmer a few seconds only.

4. Add spinach and mix.

5. Increase heat slightly and cook until spinach wilts. Salt.

6. Drain spinach as much as possible and chop coarsely.  Set aside.

7. In another bowl, mix breadcrumbs and zest of lemon with a little olive oil.

8. Cover a baking sheet with coarse salt. Shuck the oysters and place them in the bed of coarse salt to keep them from tipping over.

9. Add spinach to each oyster, a few breadcrumbs and finally, the parmesan.

10. Bake until lightly browned.

11. Enjoy!