Fish and chips, pickle sauce

Fish and chips, pickle sauce



Preparation : 30 minutes

Level : Intermediate


2 nice haddock fillets (cut in two lengthwise)

1 cup of organic flour

1 cup of beer

1 Egg


Sunflower seed oil


Ingredients for the sauce


1 Pickle, diced

Chopped tarragon

Chopped chives

Juice of half a lemon

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Prepare a batter for frying: In a bowl, mix the flour and egg, then add the beer and salt.

2. Coat the pieces of fish in flour and dip in the batter mixture.

3. In a pan with sunflower oil or a fryer, cook the fish until nicely browned.

4. This time, l also fried a few strips of pepper (prepared the same way as the fish)

5. Accompany the dish with a fine head of Boston lettuce from Quebec sprinkled with lemon juice!


Pickle sauce

Combine all the ingredients.