The Team

The Poissonnerie du Marché is proud to be able to count on loyal, competent employees for whom excellent customer service is a must. Since they have been in the employ of the Poissonnerie for several years, they know everything there is to know about our products and their expertise is the hallmark of our business.


In memory of Sam G., Monique continues the tradition alongside her daughter and son-in-law. Since the very beginnings of the Poissonnerie, Monique and her daughter have observed Sam’s way of doing things and now continue to carry on the trade of which they are so proud.

Gaston is our senior employee, with over 43 years of service. He is the epitome of the consummate fish vendor, renowned for his unique way of cutting fresh smoked salmon by hand. One need only see him at work to appreciate his expertise in the art!    

Sylvette has been working at the Poisonnerie du Marché for 20 years. She offers customers impeccable service and also knows how to cut fresh smoked salmon by hand.

There are always competent employees on hand to offer customers advice on cooking and preparing fish and seafood. Recipes developed by a chef are available to guide consumers in their choice. 

And then there are our suppliers. Over time, we have established durable relations with the same principal suppliers, allowing us to guarantee the supreme quality of products purchased to offer our clientele.